GUARANTEE GOLD® has been continuously committed to minimizing the impact of water-related losses through innovative products and services. Mitigating water damage is an important part of the GUARANTEE GOLD strategy, which includes enhanced coverage for water mitigation devices, staying one step ahead of water damage with our GOLD I.D. program, proactive initiatives to address ice damming concerns, and offering market-leading loss control  services through our appraisal division’s water exposure reports.

The GUARANTEE GOLD Mobile App is an extension of our strategy to help our customers plan ahead and pro-actively take safety measures to protect their homes and belongings. The app provides customers with instant access to:

  • Real-time weather alerts in multiple locations
  • Report a claim
  • Your broker(s)
  • Resources such as safety tips and actions to take in the event of water damage, auto collision or break and enter
  • Make policy change requests

Top 10 reasons why you should download the GUARANTEE GOLD Mobile App today:

  1. Access to real-time weather alerts across North America
    • Receive important weather warnings and insurance-related tips on your mobile device.
    • Plan ahead if you’re travelling to keep your home, cottage and families safe.
  2. Report a claim on the go
    • Submit a claim directly through the app and you will be contacted by a representative from our GUARANTEE GOLD claims team to get your claim underway.
    • Claims Help
    • Easily access helpful tips and actions to take in the event of a collision, theft or water damage incident.
  3. Claims Help
    • Easily access helpful tips and actions to take in the event of a collision, theft or water damage incident.
  4. Broker Finder
    • Easily find your broker(s) and customize your preferred brokers by adding them as favourites on your app.
    • Get contact information on your brokerage(s) for quick reference wherever you are.
  5. Resource Centre
    • Quick access to GUARANTEE GOLD information and resources, as well as details of what features set us apart as a leading high net worth market.
  6. Policy Changes
    • Alert your broker(s) and the GUARANTEE GOLD team if you want to make changes to your GUARANTEE GOLD policy.
  7. Appraisals
    • Learn more about our complimentary home appraisal service.
    • Follow the prevention, planning and practice tips designed to help protect your possessions and keep your home safe.
  8. Risk Management Advice
    • Access tips for protecting personal valuables, securing a secondary/seasonal home, water damage mitigation suggestions and more.
  9. Contact Us
    • Email the GUARANTEE GOLD team anytime.
  10. User-friendly Navigation
    • “Help Section” feature on the app acts as a guide for easy navigation.

Connect with us anytime, anywhere
Download the GUARANTEE GOLD Mobile App on your smart phone or tablet – now available in Google Play, Blackberry World, and iTunes App Store.

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