Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy:

The Guarantee Company of North America ("we" or "us") has been in business since 1872.

We have long practised confidentiality in the handling of all Personal Information we collect. We only use the information we are given to provide the services that you or your insurance broker have requested. These services include providing insurance coverages to consumers and businesses in Canada and adjusting and settling claims submitted by our insureds.

We have designed this Privacy Policy to describe how we may collect, use, and disclose Personal Information. We make every effort reasonable to ensure your Personal Information is handled in accordance with applicable privacy laws, including the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act ("PIPEDA").

This policy reflects our commitment to keeping the Personal Information that we collect confidential.

PERSONAL INFORMATION means information about an identifiable individual. Personal Information does not include certain business contact information.

Personal Information, for the purpose of this policy, shall not include anonymous information disclosed as aggregate data. Aggregate data, for the purpose of this policy refers to data that does not reveal individual-specific personal information.


Generally, we require your Personal Information so we may:

  • Underwrite your insurance application as submitted by your insurance broker
  • Investigate and/or process claims
  • Process billings and payments
  • Communicate with you
  • Detect and prevent fraud
  • Comply with laws and regulations

We, or your insurance broker, will make sure you understand why we need your personal information by using clear, understandable language when we or your insurance broker identify the purpose. In order for us to provide our insurance coverages, we may disclose your information to other parties such as reinsurers.


We collect only the information we need for the purposes we have identified to you. Personal Information we collect will depend on the nature of insurance coverage you request and may include:

  • Name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses
  • Birth date
  • Marital status
  • Driver’s license number and driver record
  • Claims history
  • Employment information
  • Financial information
  • Income information
  • Medical and health information in the case of claims

We may ask you to provide this information or, where permitted by law, we may obtain this information from third parties such as insurance brokers, consumer-reporting agencies or insurance information reporting services.


We collect through your insurance broker, use or disclose your Personal Information with your consent when it is legally required. You may provide express consent in writing (e.g., through a signed application form or other signed document), in person or over the telephone. Alternatively, there may be times when we determine that your consent is implied, for example, when you provide information to your insurance broker to request a quote from us.

There are special circumstances where your consent is not required. This includes, but is not limited to, situations involving investigations of fraud, responding to reports of financial abuse, or the use of witness statements in assessing, processing or settling an insurance claim.


You can decline to provide us with your Personal Information or withdraw a previously given consent to collect, use and disclose information. However, we may not be able to provide you with the insurance coverage that your broker has requested without your consent to use your Personal Information.


We are responsible for all Personal Information in our possession, including information that may be transferred to other parties. Access to your Personal Information is restricted to those employees, agents and authorized service providers who require the information to provide the requested insurance coverage or to adjust and settle a claim, which you may have incurred.

Your information may be stored outside of Canada. While this does not change our responsibility, such information that is outside of Canada is subject to the laws of the country in which it is held.

We have developed security procedures to safeguard and protect Personal Information against loss, theft, unauthorized disclosure, copying, and unauthorized use or modification. We will maintain appropriate safeguards and security procedures that reflect the types of documents, including electronic or paper records, organizational measures including security clearances and limiting access on a "need-to-know" basis, and technological measures such as the use of passwords and encryption.

Furthermore, we require our staff to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and annually sign a Code of Business Conduct within which our expectation that staff will respect and safeguard client information is detailed. Employees are aware that a breach of confidentiality could result in termination of their employment.

We will keep your Personal Information as long as it is necessary or as required by law.

When we destroy Personal Information, we will use safeguards to prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to the information during the process.


You have the right to request access to your Personal Information, which we hold. Requests for Personal Information held by us, or corrections to such information, can be made by contacting our Privacy Officer(s) by email or phone.

Privacy Officer
The Guarantee Company of North America
4950 Yonge Street Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario M2N 6K1
Phone: 1-800-268-6617

In response to such requests, we will provide or correct that Personal Information which can be retrieved or corrected at a reasonable cost to us, and will do so in a timely manner. In order to guard against fraudulent requests for access, we will require sufficient information to allow us to confirm the identity of the person making the request before granting access or making corrections.

Note: As is the case with all companies, we may be lawfully bound to deny access of an individual to their Personal Information. Reasons for such a denial have been described in applicable privacy legislation as those designed to protect personal and/or public interest.


Please contact our Privacy Officer above if you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or if you wish to file a privacy-related complaint. Our Privacy Office will respond in a timely manner and take appropriate steps to address your concerns.

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. Please check our website for the current version of this Privacy Policy.