In the unfortunate event of a claim, large or small, our GUARANTEE GOLD® team is here to listen and support you through the claims process.

By delivering on our promise to you, we will handle your claim swiftly and with compassion, integrity, and professionalism. Our GOLD® team will work closely with you, providing the support and attention you need to ensure your life returns back to normal without delay.

Find out what to do in the event of a loss.

We know unforeseen events can be stressful, emotional and complicated. Rest assured we’re here to take the guess work out of the process and have it be as effortless as possible. Here’s what you can count on from The Guarantee:

Unsurpassed Claim Handling

  • Our claim professionals take the time to listen and learn about the things most important to you and act upon them – 24/7.
  • A claim’s adjuster will contact you within two hours of notification of your claim.
  • Our staff is committed to communicating with you throughout the claims process to keep you in the know.
  • We focus on keeping your life in order and help you maintain control.
  • We employ leading technical experts to ensure you have the most skilled team on your side.


  • We stand out as a leader in the industry because we go out of our way to be flexible and accommodating by allowing you to select the vendor to work with or take advantage of our cash settlement option over replacement.
  • Our trusted partners who perform the work required to get you back on track are best in class. You can rest assured they value the same high standards of quality and customer satisfaction as we do.

  • Our comprehensive policy wording allows us to make broad decisions that other insurers may not.
  • Our policies are designed to offer flexible settlement options including Cash Settlement, allowing you to remain in control of how quickly your claim is resolved.

In the event of a loss

If you have a claim, please contact us to report it at 1-888-998-1872.
Email options available: (Ontario, Atlantic, and Western Canada) or (Québec).

The following documents may be requested when reporting a claim, so be sure to keep them in a safe and secure location:

  • Written statements with respect to the facts about the loss
  • Invoices and/or statements of accounts
  • Contracts and/or photos
  • Any other documentation you have to help us assess the damages

You may be asked to sign a consent form in order to allow us to collect personal information from third parties and/or a proof of loss form and/or a non-waiver agreement form.


For those who know the value of their home cannot be measured with a yard-stick alone.

Our complimentary Home Appraisal Service is available to our GUARANTEE GOLD® customers to help you understand the value of your residence and to provide practical tips to improve overall safety and mitigate claims. We’ll complete a review of your entire interior and exterior property, make recommendations and provide tips to help protect your home, family and possessions.

The appraisal is conducted by one of our professional, experienced, and trained GUARANTEE GOLD appraisers during an appointment that is convenient for you.

Find out more about Appraisals.

Use the risk management suggestions in our Appraisal and Risk Management Guide to conduct a review of your home. Follow the prevention, planning and practice tips, designed to help protect your possessions and keep your home safe.

GOLD Watermark

For those who know that water damage prevention is a team effort.

It is GUARANTEE GOLD’s mission to address the water challenge beyond merely promoting water mitigation options – and move to providing meaningful solutions for the many types of water damage that every homeowner’s assets are exposed to. To meet this challenge, we have responded by designing mitigation solutions and prevention methods by establishing GOLD Watermark – GUARANTEE GOLD’s water mitigation program.

What services are offered under the GOLD Watermark program?

GOLD Watermark Installation Program – AquaTrip®

GOLD Watermark provides a complimentary installation of an automatic water shut-off system, called AquaTrip®. A water mitigation program, first of its kind in the Canadian insurance marketplace.

What is AquaTrip?

  • An automatic water shut-off system that stops water from flowing into the home if a pipe leaks, bursts or if there is a water-bearing appliance failure.
  • The system monitors incoming water usage to your home based on two pre-programmable settings: Home and Away. If programmed levels are exceeded, a signal is sent to the device and the water is automatically shut off.

Find out more about AquaTrip:

Register your AquaTrip device here. By providing your email address we will confirm registration of your device and ensure policy discounts are applied upon your renewal.

In addition, we are pleased to offer all of our clients access to GUARANTEE GOLD’s preferred installer network to assist with the installation of additional water mitigation devices:

  • Automatic water shut-off systems
  • Backwater valve
  • Sump pump drainage systems

To know more about the GOLD Watermark program send an email to

Water Expense Coverage

Up to $5,000 to cover the costs for the installation of a water mitigation device correlating an eligible water related claim.

H2O Appraisal

An appraisal designed to assess potential sources of water damage for the interior and exterior of your home and property.


Infrared thermography consultations to detect small variances in heat that can diagnose moisture and potential fire hazards within the home.

ICE I.D. Assessments

Street-side visual assessments to determine the presence of roofline ice dams and guidance on how to address the issue.

GOLD Mobile App

Our Mobile App designed to help customers plan ahead and pro-actively take safety measures to protect your homes and belongings from expected harsh weather conditions.

Learn more about the GUARANTEE GOLD Mobile App.

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