Report a Claim

If you have a claim, please contact us to report it at 1-888-998-1872.
Email options available: (Ontario, Atlantic, and Western Canada) or (Québec).

The following documents may be requested when reporting a claim, so be sure to keep them in a safe and secure location:

  • Written statements with respect to the facts about the loss
  • Invoices and/or statements of accounts
  • Contracts and/or photos
  • Any other documentation you have to help us assess the damages

You may be asked to sign a consent form in order to allow us to collect personal information from third parties and/or a proof of loss form and/or a non-waiver agreement form.


In the unfortunate event of a claim, large or small, our GUARANTEE GOLD® team is here to listen and support you through the claims process.

By delivering on our promise to you, we will handle your claim swiftly and with compassion, integrity, and professionalism. Our GOLD® team will work closely with you, providing the support and attention you need to ensure your life returns back to normal without delay.

We know unforeseen events can be stressful, emotional and complicated. Rest assured we’re here to take the guess work out of the process and have it be as effortless as possible. Here’s what you can count on from The Guarantee:

Unsurpassed Claim Handling

  • Our claim professionals take the time to listen and learn about the things most important to you and act upon them – 24/7.
  • A claim’s adjuster will contact you within two hours of notification of your claim.
  • Our staff is committed to communicating with you throughout the claims process to keep you in the know.
  • We focus on keeping your life in order and help you maintain control.
  • We employ leading technical experts to ensure you have the most skilled team on your side.


  • We stand out as a leader in the industry because we go out of our way to be flexible and accommodating by allowing you to select the vendor to work with or take advantage of our cash settlement option over replacement.
  • Our trusted partners who perform the work required to get you back on track are best in class. You can rest assured they value the same high standards of quality and customer satisfaction as we do.

  • Our comprehensive policy wording allows us to make broad decisions that other insurers may not.
  • Our policies are designed to offer flexible settlement options including Cash Settlement, allowing you to remain in control of how quickly your claim is resolved.