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The Guarantee Prepares for Possible Canada Post Service Disruption

Service to our broker partners and your clients is important to us.

In the event of a Canada Post strike, we have put the following procedures in place to minimize disruption should mail delivery be discontinued for a period of time.

As per labour laws, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) must file a 72-hour strike notice to proceed. If and when they do, we will confirm with you via email and through our website news.

New Business, Renewals and Policy Amendments

  • Direct Bill Clients / Mail To Clients – We will hold off processing Direct Bill-related policies that are normally mailed to insureds. If Canada Post does not reach a settlement within a week of the union taking strike action, we will begin processing and sending Direct Bill policies to brokers via ICS Courier.
  • Broker Bills – Broker Bills are all flagged as mail to broker and will be processed as normal and will continue to be sent to your brokerage office via ICS Courier.

​Registered Letters – Issuance of registered letters of cancellation will be held until further notice; however if necessary, we will hand-deliver.

Lapsed Notices – Lapsed notices will continue to be sent to brokers as usual. All copies of lapsed notices that are sent to lien holders, lessees and mortgagees will be held for a period of up to four weeks, and then sent by ICS Courier to keep them notified of such a lapse of coverage.

Payment Schedules – Payment schedules, including changes, will be processed as normal and sent to your brokerage office through ICS Courier. Please keep your clients informed of such changes.

Premium payment options

Please note that no payment should be sent via Canada Post during the disruption. Please advise your clients of the following options available:

  • For Direct Bill Policies, the insured can make a payment at any of our office locations. Accepted methods of payment include cheque, credit card or internet payment. For internet payments and telephone banking, clients may register through their own bank by adding The Guarantee Company of North America as a payee.
  • We will send refunds to your clients with the help of your office. They will be sent to your brokerage office via ICS Courier. Your clients can then make arrangements for pick up through you.

Claims Handling – Our claims team will arrange to deliver payment to claimants and our suppliers through our road adjusters or ICS Courier. If required, additional arrangements can be made to deliver cheques to your brokerage office for client pickup.

Liability Certificates – Liability certificates will be delivered via ICS Courier to your office.

Appraisals and Advance Notice of Appointment Letters – The GUARANTEE GOLD® team will send appraisal documents and advance notice of appointments by email to brokers.

We appreciate your support during this possible Canada Post service disruption. We will make every effort to ensure our quality of service is maintained and that our broker partners and clients experience minimal business disruption.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at or call our Toronto office at 1-800-268-6617 to speak with a member of our Distribution Team. In Quebec, please call our Montreal office at 1-800-361-8603 to speak with the Regional General Manager.