GOLD Watermark

For those who know that water damage prevention is a team effort.

Whether it is rapid thaw, overloaded municipal sewer lines or frozen pipes there are ways to engineer your home to reduce the chance of water damage. It is GUARANTEE GOLD®’s mission to address the water challenge beyond merely promoting water mitigation options – and move to providing meaningful solutions for the many types of water damage that every homeowner’s assets are exposed to. To meet this challenge, we have responded by designing mitigation solutions and prevention methods by establishing GOLD Watermark. What services are offered under the GOLD Watermark program?

GOLD Watermark Leak Prevention Program: The GOLD Watermark Installation Program provides GUARANTEE GOLD clients access to our partnership of a preferred network of licensed plumbers who can assist you with new installations or upgrades to existing water mitigation devices.  While water damage can originate from many sources, internal plumbing failure, appliance failure or burst and leaking pipes are the most common and costly. For this type of water exposure, the AquaTrip® device is our preferred solution to offer protection for your assets. A first of its kind in the Canadian marketplace, GOLD Watermark provides a complimentary installation of an automatic water shut-off system, called AquaTrip in the homes of qualifying clients. 

Water Expense Coverage: We provide up to $5,000 to cover the costs for the installation of a water mitigation device correlating an eligible water related claim.

H2O Appraisal: As a valued customer of The Guarantee Company of North America, we are pleased to provide you with a complimentary water assessment of your home.

GOLD I.D. Infrared Imaging: We’re pleased to offer complimentary infrared thermography consultations using our specially trained in-house certified appraisers. Thermography uses infrared imaging to detect very small variances in heat that can diagnose moisture and potential fire hazards within the home. The GOLD I.D. program helps identify potential issues with a home’s ventilation, electrical and mechanical installations and more.

ICE I.D. Ice Damming Assessments: Following a deep freeze or heavy snowfall, we conduct streetside visual assessments to determine the presence of an ice dam. We also outline simple measures to prevent water damage to insulation, ceilings, walls, foundations and home interiors to ensure a smooth spring thaw.