For those who know that their family’s protection is priceless.

GUARANTEE GOLD® Guard was created for clients who may be exposed to a unique set of risks. While a home insurance policy offers some protection, it may not be sufficient for expenses related to specific threats. GUARANTEE GOLD Guard is an affordable coverage option that goes beyond a homeowner policy to protect customers and their families.

Covering the Unthinkable, including:

  • Identity Fraud Expenses
  • Car Jacking Coverage
  • Home Invasion Coverage
  • Stalking Threat Coverage
  • Home and Car Modification Expenses
  • Child Abduction

Additional expenses that may apply:

  • Medical expenses
  • Psychiatric services
  • Rest and recuperation expenses
  • Salary lost
  • Residential security expenses
  • Professional security consultant and guard services
  • Temporary relocation

Homeowners’ or covered vehicle’s deductible

GUARANTEE GOLD is known for unsurpassed claim handling.  Our claim professionals take the time to listen and learn about the things most important to you and act upon them 24/7.  Within two hours of notification of your claim, a claim's Adjuster will contact you as our staff is committed to communicating with you throughout the claims process to keep you in the know.  We focus on keeping your life in order and helping you maintain control.  We employ leading technical experts to ensure you have the most skilled team on your side.