For those who know the value of their home cannot be measured with a yard-stick alone.

Our complimentary Home Appraisal Service is available to our GUARANTEE GOLD® customers to help you understand the value of your residence by completing a review of your entire interior and exterior property. The appraisal will be completed by one of our professional, experienced, and trained GUARANTEE GOLD appraisers during a one-hour appointment that is convenient for you.

What are appraisals for?

  • To determine the reconstruction cost valuation of your residence
  • To allow GUARANTEE GOLD appraisers to make recommendations on how to improve the safety of your home and family
  • To document the unique features and finishes of your home

How do we determine the reconstruction cost of your home? Our commitment to the valuation process ensures that we use the most accurate and current data, covering the whole spectrum of building costs when producing the precise replacement cost of your home. The reconstruction cost valuation is the cost to replace the distinctive features of your residence after a loss. It is different than a tax assessment value, a real estate value and a mortgage appraisal value.

Included in the reconstruction cost valuation are:

  • Architect and/or designer fees
  • Permit costs
  • Materials and qualified labour
  • Built-in cabinetry and appliances
  • Light fixtures and chandeliers
  • In-ground swimming pool and hot tubs
  • Builder’s overhead and profit
  • Debris removal
  • Provincial and federal taxes

Following the complimentary appraisal of your residence, you will be provided with a personalized appraisal report complete with photos, details of your home’s unique features and our recommendations for how to provide even more security for you and your family.