Our History

When The Guarantee was founded in Montréal, Quebec in 1872, the directors believed that the best way to build a successful business was through product specialization, financial strength and hiring top talent. After all these years, we still conduct business based on these core principles.

Early Years

Our history and Canada’s are intertwined. The Guarantee’s founding President was also a Father of Confederation—Sir Alexander Galt. 

In its early years, The Guarantee provided fidelity bonds for railway and bank employees, and later for private businesses and governments. These enterprises constituted the economic foundation from which Canada developed as a nation. Ever since, The Guarantee has played a key role in protecting Canada’s people, businesses and enterprises. 

In response to growing business south of the border, The Guarantee applied for a name change in 1881 and became known as The Guarantee Company of North America. During this time, The Guarantee boasted a distinguished Board of Directors including George H. Pullman, J.P. Morgan and Asa Potter. By the late 1880s, The Guarantee was the largest fidelity company in the USA, and in 1890, incorporated a subsidiary under the name of The United States Guarantee Company.

Turn of the Century

During the economic boom of the early 1900s, The Guarantee continued to prosper and in 1909, the company’s surplus reached an impressive $1 million.

With troops overseas during the First World War, The Guarantee met calls for services by writing contract guarantees for companies furnishing supplies.

New decades brought new progress. Canada’s economy grew in the post-World War II period. With deep insight into Canada’s insurance market, The Guarantee tailored its solutions to different regions and sectors.

Present Day

The Guarantee entered the 21st century financially strong and focused on product innovation. We continue to deliver strong results in all product lines. Our success is attributed to a legacy of underwriting discipline, strong capital and a mission to embrace change as we develop new specialized insurance solutions to meet the needs of our customers. In 2019 The Guarantee was acquired by Intact Financial Corporation.