Commercial Surety

Commercial Surety Bonds guarantee that statutory or contractual obligations will be fulfilled. The majority of Commercial Surety Bonds are mandated within federal, state or local laws and regulations.  

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US Commercial Surety Bonds

We offer an extensive range of Surety Bonds across a variety of categories. To help you get a sense of the types of obligations we guarantee, we’ve described some of the most common Commercial Surety Bonds below.  

License and Permit Bonds
Permits are required by governmental bodies to begin or continue a business. As such, many of these permits mandate the posting of a bond to guarantee that the laws, ordinances or regulations will be adhered to.   These bonds may also provide a level of financial protection to the third-party consumer. Some of the most common of these bonds are:

  • Alcohol Beverage Tax
  • Appraisal Management License Bond
  • Auctioneer License Bond
  • Automotive-Dealer/Salesman/Wholesaler
  • Check Seller
  • Cigar, Cigarette and Tobacco Tax
  • Collection Agency License Bond
  • Contractor License Bond
  • Custom and Carnet Bonds
  • Detective Bond or Private Investigator License Bond
  • Defective Title Bond
  • Employment Agency Bond
  • Exhibition License Bond
  • Fuel/GasolineTax Bond
  • Guard Services Bond
  • Itinerant Vendor License Bond
  • Insurance Broker, Agent, Solicitor or Adjuster License Bond
  • Lottery Agent Bond
  • Liquor Tax Bond
  • Medicare / Medicaid Provider Bond
  • Mortgage License Bond
  • Motor Vehicle or Mobile Home Dealer License Bond
  • Oversize or Overweight Bond
  • Pest Control License Bond
  • Professional Fund Raiser License Bond
  • Proprietary or Private School License Bond
  • Reclamation, Mining and Removal Bonds
  • Retail Services and Professional Licenses
  • Sales, Use and Consumer Tax Bond

Miscellaneous Bonds
These bonds do not clearly fall into the License and Permit Bonds category but may also be required by governmental bodies; political subdivisions, or other legal entities.    In addition, these bonds may be purely one of several options to posting security and may simply be financial guarantees.  Some of the most common Miscellaneous Bonds include:

  • Cable Pole Attachment Bond
  • Contractor’s Indemnity Bond
  • Concessionaires
  • Escrow Deposit
  • Financial Guarantee
  • High Deductible Insurance Policy Bonds
  • Lease Bond
  • Lost Instrument Bond
  • Non-Construction Performance Bonds
  • Toll Bond
  • Union Bond
  • Utility Payment Bond
  • Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurer Bonds

Public Official Bonds
These bonds guarantee that public officials will faithfully perform their official duties. These bonds are required to comply with statute, ordinance or regulation for an elected or appointed position including federal, state, county, municipality or political subdivision.  Some of the common Public Official Bonds include:

  • Auto Tag, Hunting, Fishing or Trapping Agent Bond
  • Court Clerks Bond
  • Fee Collector – Public Parks Bond
  • Housing Authorities
  • Judges Bond
  • Notary Public Bond
  • Postal Unit Bond
  • Sheriff, Deputy or Constable Bond
  • Tax Collector Bond
  • Treasurer Bond

Court Bonds
The most common classifications of court bonds are Judicial Court Bonds and Fiduciary Court bonds.  Court bonds are typically non-cancellable and the liability continues until the underlying obligation is fulfilled or the applicable statute of limitations has expired.  

Judicial Bonds
A plaintiff or defendant may be required to provide a surety bond in court litigated cases. These bonds include:

  • Attachment Bond
  • Appeal/Supersedeas Bond
  • Certiorari (Judicial Review by a Superior Court) Costs Bond
  • Discharge of Mechanic’s lien Bond
  • Garnishment Bond
  • Injunction Bond
  • Replevin Bond

Fiduciary Bonds
These bonds are required for court-appointed officials who are entrusted to administer assets held in trust, such as guardians, trustees and estate executors. The court fiduciary is held accountable by the jurisdiction and supervision of a court. Common Fiduciary Bonds include:

  • Administrator Bond
  • Conservator Bond
  • Guardian of Minors or Incompentents Bond
  • Executor Bond
  • Trustee Bond

Capacity: Single bonds up to $25 million and surety lines of credit up to $50 million


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