Contract Surety

Often required by government, private and institutional organizations, Contract Surety bonds provide a guarantee that projects will be completed successfully and on-time. Contract Surety Bonds are commonly used in the construction industry to ensure contractors fulfill their obligations to project owners.  

Why Choose The Guarantee USA for Contract Surety?

Our name reflects our commitment to surety and to those relying on our product. With our financial strength and technical underwriting expertise, we can help your firm achieve its business goals by backing you with our trusted name. We have the depth of knowledge and experience to provide Contract Bonding whether it’s small, specialty construction jobs or complex multi-million dollar projects. The Guarantee USA supports various types of contractors, including general contractors, subcontractors, specialty, and artisan contractors with Contract Surety Bond solutions. 

Our Contract Surety Bonds Include:

  • Bid Bond: Pre-qualifies contractors and provides security to the project owner that the contractor will enter into a contract for the bid amount and provide the appropriate Performance and Payment Bonds if their bid is chosen.
  • Performance Bond: Provides assurance that the contract will be fulfilled according to all terms and conditions.
  • Payment Bond: Ensures that subcontractors and suppliers will receive full payment for their labor and materials.
  • Maintenance Bond: Provides for the maintenance and repair of a completed project over a contractually defined period of time.
  • Supply Bond: Covers the contractual obligation to furnish specified supplies or materials.
  • Release of Lien Bond: Guarantees that the contractor will pay all court-ordered claims to suppliers and sub-contractors.

Capacity: Single bonds up to $50 million and aggregate work programs up to $200 million


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